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Pastor, Author & Speaker

Pastor Oscar was born in Ecuador and emigrated to the United States at age 10. Oscar was neither a Christian nor a leader for much of his life. He saw an opportunity to acquire quick wealth in real estate, which took a nosedive in 1987, with it, all his dreams, hopes, and savings. He was emotionally and spiritually bankrupt! Anxiety led to months of sleepless nights…

About Pastor Oscar

Almost convinced he was a lousy provider, useless as a husband, father, and investor, he saw his half-million-dollar life insurance policy as the honorable answer to debt. He almost acted on the lie, believing everyone would be better off without him, but God had better plans! 

In a February 1989 spiritual retreat, Oscar experienced a transforming encounter with Jesus, where he discovered that God and his family loved him despite his faults and failures. He began accepting and loving himself as he was. Oscar became an active Bible study participant, creating a study group in his office. In 2004, he was appointed pastor, serving the Hispanic communities in Norwalk and Bridgeport. In June 2017, Pastor Oscar retired from the United Methodist Church to dedicate more time to family. Pastor Oscar writes daily Bible meditations in English and Spanish on social media and enjoys racquetball, bicycling, music, and chess. 

The Book

The Blood of my Blood

A Journal of Bible Meditations

“The Blood of My Blood, A Journal of Bible Meditationsby Pastor Oscar Destruge is a collection of Daily Bible Meditations derived from the common lectionary, which includes the assigned Bible reading for that day and Pastor Oscar’s explanation and application of that text. 

The book invites the reader to learn about Pastor Oscar’s life and family and contains beautiful travel pictures. Each daily meditation takes about four minutes to read and ends with a prayer. There are indexes by Scripture and key words.

Pastor Oscar’s goal for readers is for them to strengthen their faith and walk with God and to encourage them into a routine of spending four minutes daily with God’s Word to help them discover God, who they are, and what is their God-given purpose in life. Lastly, he wants them to develop the courage to face challenges knowing that God is with them and that no matter the obstacles, they will have victory.



Pastor, Author & Speaker